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Maximize (or Minimize) Your Interior with Home Accent Furniture

In the interior design world, there are two design styles that are polar opposites of one another—minimalism and maximalism. Total extremes on either end of the design spectrum, they compete for attention in unique ways. Minimalism requires a certain level of restraint and sophistication, and it is from this school where we first heard the phrase, “Less is more.” Minimalism is dictated by neutral colors and open space, and champions the basics as peak design. On the other hand, maximalism believes that “more is more,” and is a design aesthetic focused on excess. Rich color palettes and liberal use of pattern are at play here. 

In order to achieve one or the other, it is essential to decorate with home accent furniture. Here at Furniture Now, we carry a wealth of accent furniture and accessories to achieve either look. Shop our selection of affordable furniture to find the perfect accent pieces for your home.

Working Home Accents into Minimalism

Considering that minimalism is all about order and economy of space and style, then your home accent goals should reflect this. Consider a pair ofside tables in the living room that make elegant use of simple geometry, and utilize neutral colors such as beige, gray, or dark brown. Arrange a set of attractive nesting tables around the room to break up symmetry while maintaining an air of distinction. If you want to keep some traditions alive while updating their style, however, you can’t go wrong with a glass-top coffee table.

Working Home Accents into Maximalism

Home accent furnishings naturally go hand-in-hand with the maximalist approach. This is where you can really let loose and shop for affordable furniture to your heart’s content. Remember, with maximalism, the more the better, so keep an eye out for things likeaccent cabinets with inlaid woodworking patterns, ormirrors with large, ornate frames. Metal finishes like gold or silver are especially favored in maximalist design, which can be found in everything from trays to picture frames, available packaged together in a number of accessory sets.

Home Accent Furniture to Decorate Your Way

Of course, both minimalism and maximalism are merely two ways of decorating your home. You may find something more comfortable by mixing a little of each style into your interior design. Whatever you decide, know that Furniture Now in San Antonio has all the home accent furniture and accessories you need to round out your home’s interior. Adorn it how you like with our selection of affordable furniture!Visit us today on the corner of Evers and 410 in Leon Valley.