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Shop the Best Mattresses in Live Oak

The average person spends more than 12,000 days in bed. That’s about 33 years total spent laying on your mattress. 26 of those years are spent asleep, 7 of them are spent trying to get to sleep. What does how much time we spend sleeping have to do with anything? That’sa lot of time being spent with your mattress. We don’t know about you, but we definitely want to be comfortable if we are going to be spending 33 years total laying on a mattress!

What Do I Do With This Information?!

Don’t panic, Furniture Now in Live Oak is here to help. We carry a variety of the best mattresses on the market and have an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help you find the mattress of your dreams (pun intended). Whether you need twin mattresses, full mattresses, queen mattresses, or king mattresses, we’re confident that we can help you discover your perfect match. 

Check Out An Adjustable Bed Frame Too!

Again, if you are going to be spending that much time in your bed, you may as well be as comfortable as possible. Nothing helps you embrace comfort quite like an adjustable bed frame. Finding the right mattress sizes and best mattresses should definitely be the priority, but finding a solid bed frame is a close second. With adjustable bed frames, your bed has sturdy, durable support while also offering diverse functionality. The adjustable capabilities make it so that you can comfortably watch television from your bed, tilt-up your head a bit to prevent snoring and enable easier breathing, or just change your adjustable bed frame to meet your preferences. The options are endless. Be sure to invest in your comfort with the best mattress and the best adjustable bed frame so you can spend your 33 years in bliss.

What Mattresses Sizes Should I Choose?

Need help deciding what mattress sizes are going to best fit your needs? Here is a quick rundown of the best mattress sizes for different people.

Twin Mattresses

Twin mattresses are excellent for children since they are just barely over 6 feet long. This may sound like enough for an adult under 6 feet tall, but we recommend laying on one yourself to be certain. Twin mattresses are also good cost-effective options for people on a budget and people with limited bedroom space.

Full Mattresses

Full mattresses are bigger than twin mattresses — but not by very much. They were once the go-to choice for people in the ’60s and ’70s, but have since fallen out of popularity. These mattresses are also ideal for children or people with a limited amount of space. Some also choose to use full mattresses for their guest bedrooms and to save costs on bedding.

Queen Mattresses

Queen mattresses are the modern home’s new go-to mattress size. They work well for single sleepers and those who sleep with a partner. Queen mattresses also provide a comfortable sleeping experience for couples and fit well in most bedroom spaces. If you’re having a hard time choosing a mattress size, choosing a queen size mattress is a safe bet.

King Mattresses

King mattresses earn their title since they are amongst the largest standard mattress sizes available. They measure roughly 76” by 80” and easily sleep one or two people very comfortably. If you need somethingeven bigger you can always look for California king mattresses since they are often offered at a similar price.

Still not sure which mattress sizes are going to best fit your needs? Feel free to drop by our home furniture store Furniture Now in Live Oak orcontact ustoday to learn more! You’ll find our staff to be extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable!